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"We greatly appreciated all of the time and care you put into our project over many months. You worked with us in the spirit of collaboration and understood the meaning behind what we were trying to accomplish. I greatly appreciated your willingness to work with us, from start to finish, to put together our ideas and bring them to life on the page. Your ideas delighted us and your proactive approach kept us going, even when we occasionally got bogged down. Despite our inexperience, you were able to understand our needs and our vision and offer advice to help us to make a beautiful product in the end! Your patience and experience really helped us and we offer our great thanks for all of your hard work on our behalf."


Patricia Bader Johnston
Editor of Tohoku Comfort Food

"If you are looking for a GREAT typesetter, at a GREAT price, and someone who is GREAT to work with, LOOK NO FURTHER. Arc Manor and Chandi are the ABSOLUTE BEST. They are detail oriented, hard working and extremely kind. I had 7 long books that were written in two languages and were formatted in a very difficult manner.... And they had to be done fast. I'll never quite know how Chandi did it, but she got the job done fast and it looked fantastic. And she never complained. I've worked with many typesetters. I have found that most are complainers, lazy and charge too much. Chandi and Arc Manor are the exact opposite. I will be going to them to typeset any books I write from now on."


Robert Krantz
Author of The Holy Week Series

"As Managing Editor for an academic journal, one of my responsibilities has been to find the most accurate, timely and cost-effective compositors for our publication. Naturally, I also look for a cordial working arrangement: a combination greatly to be desired and rare to find. Luckily for us, Arc Manor more than satisfies those needs and desirables. Their care and dedication to composition responsibilities has again and again exceeded expectations (more than once, they have caught typos and semantic glitches that we overlooked, and fixed them, taking care to notify us). I subsequently started a small publishing concern of my own, and of course again chose Arc Manor for composition. My authors are delighted with the results, as am I. I highly recommend Arc Manor and its dedicated staff."


Paul Jordon
Managing Editor of Western Folkore

"The books look strikingly wondrous. I particularly admire the larger format for Arc of the Dream. Simply as physical objects, as books, you have created two fine works of art! Thank you."

A. A. Attanasio
Award-winning author of the Radix Tetrad

"We absolutely love working with ARC Manor, they have excellent & courteous customer service, are very patient & customer oriented, and offer great prices. We give them our highest recommendation and are really glad we worked with them. We have worked with many typesetters and Arc Mannor has stood out as one of the best, both in quality, pricing, and service! They have done several books for us and we are extremely happy working with them and are sure you will not be disappointed! A+++ service!"

Hassan Shibly
Publisher, Madania Publications

"It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Chandi and her team at Arc Manor, and I am more than satisfied with the quality of their work and the collaboration throu ghout the project. I found Arc Manor to be both professional and accommodating, always going beyond the call of duty and sparing no effort to make the manuscript look great in print: be it advice on choosing fonts to match contents, handling white space, the layout of paragraphs and pages, the details of the table of contents and the cover--they pay attention to every minute detail, and turnaround time is great! If you enjoy working with friendly, competent people who can do a fantastic job on complex typesetting projects, Arc Manor is the place to go. It's a 10 out of 10."


Eugene Joseph
Author of Bot Colony

"I have used Arc Manor for several projects. They have always exceeded my expectations and provided a great service. They are friendly, fast, and extremely good at customer service. I will definitely use them again for future projects."

Pete Pawelek
Author of The Absolute Basics of Christianity

"Chandi Riaz, Manager of Book Designing and Typesetting Services for Arc manor, provided my friend and I with the professional advice that we needed to design and typeset our first book. Chandi was not only professional, but extremely patient and tolerant of our inexperience, while guiding us to the final outcome. Thank you Chandi. You are awesome!!!"

Cathy Teter and Gloria DeHart
Authors of By Your Side: A Guide for Loved Ones Dealing With Death

"I have no complaints. I felt that your service was highly professional, very prompt, very attentive--everything I could have wished it might be. I wouldn't have the slightest hesitation about recommending Arc Manor to any writer or small publisher who needed to have a book designed and typeset. I plan to return to Arc Manor with my own next book."

Jeff Riggenbach
Author of Why American History is Not What They Say

"Arc Manor did the typesetting for my book, Globalization and the Demolition of Society. I found them to be professional, prompt, and accommodating. I could not ask for any more than this. I recommend them highly."

Dennis Loo
Author of Globalization and the Demolition of Society

"My daughter was extremely pleased with Tom Paine Maru's interior appearance. She's something of a typeface (and grammar) Nazi and to get praise from her is really something."

L. Neil Smith

Multiple award-winning author

"You guys went beyond an outstanding job with my project. I think my comment, which I've highlighted in red below, sums up my sentiment precisely. During the time of my father's passing, you and Shahid were very compassionate and understanding, which was also quite remarkable. You did everything in your power to ensure that, as a client, I had the utmost confidence and trust in you. You allowed me to pay in 3 equal installments instead of 2, as a way of making me feel comfortable that you would deliver as promised. You allowed me iteration after iteration of corrections (which by no means were you obligated to do). For as long as I am self publishing books and/or writing, I will definitely use your company and recommend you to others. I'm very glad that I chose you over the pricier company, who promised so much. I think you delivered far more than you promised. The typeset I choose from the many free samples you provided me was and is outstanding. The feedback I get is that the book is beautiful inside and out."

Esauren Phyer
Author of Tahitian Pearl

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