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Arc Manor was set up as a small press specializing in re-publishing out-of-print books in 2006. In 2007,we established a dedicated imprint, Phoenix Pick, for science fiction and fantasy, and the line grew rapidly.

Today Arc Manor’s Phoenix Pick imprint publishes some of the most iconic names in the genre, including Robert A. Heinlein and Larry Niven. We also publish a bi-monthly science fiction/fantasy magazine, Galaxy’s Edge, which has featured prominent authors like George R.R. Martin (creator of the HBO hit series Game of Thrones) who even blogged about the magazine.

In 2016, Arc Manor started publishing a bi-monthly romance magazine, Heart’s Kiss, which has featured best-selling authors like Brenda Novak and Jayne Ann Krentz.

From the beginning, Arc Manor emphasized developing in-house design capabilities and in 2010 started offering these services to other small publishers and authors who wish to self-publish their books.

Our work has won praise from many quarters and Fatal Faultlines (non-fiction, politics) won the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award given out every year by the Independent Book Publishers Association. A science fiction book, Red Tide, got second place. Tau Ceti won the Lifeboat to the Stars award.

We are excited to offer you the same high standards and dedication to quality that we are known for by our authors, clients, and readers. Join the hundreds of authors and clients who have successfully depended on us to make their books shine.

Don’t just take our word for it…let us show you. Isn’t seeing believing? Click here and give us a few pages of your manuscript and see what we can do for you…no obligation, no credit card needed. You will get a sample typeset of your dream book for free.

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Heart's Kiss Magazine                                  Phoenix Pick                                  Galaxy's Edge Magazine

Romance magazine
Pubished authors include
Brenda Novak
Juliet Marillier
Marie Force
Jayne Ann Krentz


Sf/fantasy publisher
Pubished authors include
Robert A. Heinlein
Joe Haldeman
Christopher Stasheff
Larry Niven

Sf/fantasy publisher
Pubished authors include
George R. R. Martin
Orson Scott Card
Robert Silverberg
Mercedes Lackey


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